Body Structure of Women Using Steroids

Body Structure of Women Using Steroids

Since sports and especially strength training, people have been trying to artificially increase their performance Training, Rmuscles, Back, Shoulders, Blonde, Workoutthrough performance enhancements to reach their destination faster. Especially in bodybuilding, it is no longer just the stars among the hardcore bodybuilders who use anabolic steroids. More and more recreational athletes swear by the abbreviation of the syringe. Many still think that this is a purely male phenomenon based on, among other things, the status.

What are Anabolic Steroids?

Anabolic steroids or anabolic steroids are strictly speaking understood to be substances that act constructively or stimulate the tissue structure in the body. These are usually synthetically produced substances that are similar in molecular structure to the male sex hormone testosterone. Although the term is now negatively influenced by abuse in the athletes’ scene, anabolic steroids were originally developed for use in the medical world.

Why Do Women Resort to Anabolic Steroids?

This question seems justified because testosterone is the male sex hormone. So why should synthetic testosterone and its derivatives be useful in women? The reason is obvious because just as a certain amount of estrogen is formed in the male body, the female body also synthesizes testosterone. While the amount produced daily in men in the testes and adrenal cortex is about 5-10 mg, the female body produces up to 1 mg per day. Speaking of the amount produced, click 2019 Anabolics.Com Reviews | Safe Legal Anabolics Stacks & Supps for proper dosage. 

Because the hormone is crucial for muscle growth, the puzzle is why, naturally, women are a little harder to build muscle. The ratio of the high estrogen content to the low testosterone level is partly responsible for the fact that women have a higher percentage of body fat. This is at least a biochemical reason for dealing with anabolic steroids of all kinds at hand.

1. Compared with men, women who consume anabolic steroids have a relatively greater potential for muscle growth. Finally, the natural testosterone level is increased many times. Given this fact, there is a great temptation for women who want to have a muscular body. In principle, however, the psychological mechanisms do not differ from those in men’s heads. Again, a perfect body is the goal.

2. Perfect means not only the building of muscles but also the reduction of the percentage of body fat. At a certain level, it becomes extremely difficult for healthy women because the estrogen is thwarted. An even better definition can be achieved with the help of anabolic steroids.

3. The social component should also not be forgotten in this context. Women, in particular, have a hard time in the bodybuilding scene and are often ridiculed. Many athletes taking or taking anabolic steroids often hear that they have been accepted and wanted to belong to the men.

4. A shifted sense of self and others also play a role. Especially in times of Instagram, women compare more intensively with other women. Many tend to perceive their own bodies as not being good enough. Comments from other users reinforce this feeling. A simple “you’ve arrived” or “you look thin” is often the trigger for pills and syringes. Especially those who are under extra pressure as a fitness model or competitive athlete are particularly vulnerable in this regard.

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