Growing in greenhouses has many advantages. It protects your plants from bad weather, lengthens vegetable harvest periods, allows you to enjoy flowering almost all year round, and adopt delicate plants.

Rules to grow successfully in greenhouses

Organize your greenhouse well

Who says reduced space says organization? It is important to think carefully about the layout of your greenhouse. You should include composite fencing ( to protect your greenhouse and plants from wild animals.

Provide a passage that allows, without encroaching too much on the crops, to circulate easily from one end of the greenhouse to the other. A row of slabs facilitates your comings and goings and prevents the ground from settling.

composite fencing

Prepare the land

Note that under a greenhouse the earth tends to be exhausted more quickly than outdoors. It is therefore important, once a year, to work the soil. You need to dig, remove the stones, the roots, and the remains of your previous crops, and above all enrich the soil with a good supply of compost.

Ventilate well

It is essential to ventilate your greenhouse well, whatever the season. Regularly ventilating your greenhouse by opening doors and windows helps regulate the temperature and the humidity level, but also reduces the risk of fungi, pests, and other diseases that thrive in confined air.

In mid-season, ventilate as often as possible. In summer, ventilate when it is less hot and especially at night. Finally, in winter, ventilate when it is not freezing.

Control the temperature inside the greenhouse

A garden greenhouse is ideal for protecting your plants from climatic fluctuations. It is generally considered that the ideal growing temperature oscillates between 15°C and 24°C. But how do you control the temperature inside the greenhouse and provide your plants with optimal temperatures for their development?

It is possible, especially for plants that need a lot of heat to install a heater suitable for greenhouses. In a more natural way, if the insulation of your greenhouse is not sufficient, you can install bubble plastic inside the greenhouse. Do not forget to cover the skylights separately in order to be able to open them.

What to do when it’s very hot outside or the sun is intense? Open doors and windows daily to create a draft. Note that there are automatic opening devices if you are not available every day. It is also possible to partially shade the walls of the greenhouse by whitewashing the exterior of the greenhouse or by installing shade cloths inside.