Alfonsina Russo, the Director of Circus Colosseum is calling for the prohibition of the holding of rock concerts at the Circus Maximus. Ms. Russo voiced concerns with the Italian news agency AGI that the Circus Maximus is a monument. Holding mega rock concerts are putting at risk and endangering public safety.

American Rapper Ignites New Calls to Ban Rock Concerts

Apparently, the mega rock concert held last May by American rapper Travis Scott ignited the renewed calls for making the Colosseum and the nearby Palatine Valley off limits to mega rock concerts. The American rapper after all, has a reputation for disregarding public safety. His past concerts in the US have drawn negative attention for being dangerous. The most recent of which was the Astroworld Festival in Texas in which the crowds surged, crushed and claimed 10 lives and injured hundreds of people.

During the concert at the Circus Maximus in which the rapper featured (Kan)Ye West, thousands of fans jumping had caused tremors akin to earthquakes. According to CNN, this prompted local residents to call authorities, fearful that the tremors could result into something disastrous to the fragile environment..

That is why Ms. Russo insists that ancient architecture  like the Circus Maximus should only be operas and ballets