Are you fond of roses and want to learn how to draw one? Perhaps, something to satisfy your creativity needs or show off among your friends. You are actually lucky these days as there are many online courses that can provide the materials and learning needed such as

Fundamentals of Drawing Roses

On the other hand, there are also free resources that can be used to provide you with the basics, which is exactly what we will be discussing.

What Pencil shall be Used?

It’s a great idea that you start using light pencil similar to 2H or 3H. As a matter of fact, dull pencil works perfectly because this just glides across the paper easily. Keep the movements fluid and also, loose for the entire process.

Start with Small Petals

Rose is basically a bundle of petals. It splays out from center and then out. As we are moving away from center, this will make the petals to open wider.

You better start with smaller tight petals that fit into the center guide. Keep in mind that you are still in the sketching part and details are to be added later on.

C’s and D’s

You may not notice it but petals are similar to the shapes of letters C and D. However, they don’t grow in patterns or form in neat straight row. Instead, it overlaps alternatively and becomes wider and larger out from the center. Just do this process until your rose comes to life.

Adding Color

After working on the base sketch, now is the time when you have to give emphasis on the anatomy of petals. You may make use of a sharpened red pencils when adding outlines and details to it.

Give it Character

As you are reworking on the sketch, you should consider adding minute details on it. Rose petals grow unevenly and have bends as well. You may make use of the combination of curvy and straight lines when creating character in every petal. When you are drawing the petal, think of it as their own unit. Each petal may appear to age with some being perfectly rounded or curvy.