The way you are spending your time in the wild can actually impact how much your physical, mental and emotional being can be affected. Say that you are going out to relieve stress or anxiety, relax or to simply boost your wellbeing and health, then you are in the right place.

Following are some activities that you can actually try while you are out and about.

Enjoy the Scenery

Films that are beaming with CGI on 4K TVs fickle our imaginations, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are always a pigment of our imagination. Do you still remember the last time that you woke up early to see the sunrise or perhaps, to climb the nearest hilltop and see it set?

Whether you believe it or not, enjoying the scene alone will prepare you mentally for the day or even help you in de-stressing after facing a busy day at school or work. Or if you have a spot in the wild, you may build a hammock and laydown on your therapeutic pillows to truly maximize scenery and serenity of being with nature.


Walking is actually perfect for you but, not all walks are the same. Cruising urban streets does not give you similar mental boosts as when you are hiking a local trail or even feel the sands in beach between your toes.

You do not need to have specific destination either because your main goal here is immerse yourself in nature around you.

Meditate with some Music

Well, such music is not the one that you typically play on your playlist. In this regard, you might want to leave your electronics behind and simply enjoy listening to sound of nature from:

  • Babbling brooks
  • Wind whistling through trees
  • Scurrying of unseen animals
  • Bird songs

It is more relaxing than hearing app notifications, car horns and the likes. At the same time, this gives the chance of practicing meditative mindfulness in tranquil surroundings.

Go Get a Picnic

Grab a basket along with your favorite goodies and enjoy lunch in the beautiful surrounding. Bring friends or family together as picnic is a perfect way of spending time with such people without any distractions of modern world.